Trademark and important Legal Provisions for BIS

What is a Trademark? A mark capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others. Trademark signifies the origin or source of product not the quality of product. Trademark is a type of intellectual property to foster consumer trust, economic growth. The […]

Legal Metrology Certification For IR Thermometers

Introduction The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has caused the sudden surge in the import numbers of the IR thermometer. Measuring body temperature has become important way to screen a large number of people at airports, malls, offices, hotels as well as in communities. These thermometers are held 3 to 20 cm away from the patient […]

IEC 62368-1: Introduction (The International Safety Standard For A/V and IT Equipment’s)

A decade ago, it was quite easy to distinguish between the Information technology (IT), audio-visual (AV) and communication products. It was easy to determine the product category and the purpose of the product. But with the advancement and convergence of technology and change in the lifestyle, the market of multimedia devices is rapidly changing and […]

BIRTH OF IEC 62368-1

Demands of today’s customers have no boundaries when the talk is about technology. Manufactures are increasingly challenged to create products that are efficient, innovative and also certified with highest safety standards. This creates a challenge for the safety standard to keep pace with the new products and technology as well. The established safety standards for […]

BIS in Action- Conducts raid in LED Manufacturing Unit 

BIS registration certificate is mandatory for 49 electrical and electronic products falling under compulsory registration Scheme of BIS. Use of non-compliant product is illegal as they have not undergone the prescribed tests for safety according to notified Indian Standards. No person is supposed to manufacture or store for sale, import, sell or distribute goods which […]