The Department of Telecommunications (DOT) released the ‘Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules’, which laid out the requirement for Mandatory Testing & Certification Of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) in India. The gazette stated:  

“Any telegraph which is used or capable of being used with any telegraph established, maintained or worked under the license granted by the Central Government in accordance with the provisions of section four of the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 (hereinafter referred to as the said Act), shall have to undergo prior mandatory testing and certification in the respect of parameters as determined by the telegraph authority from time to time”

Hence, all IT and Telecom equipment going to be connected with Indian telecom network, intended to be sold, manufactured or imported in India need to comply with India’s Safety, Security and Telecom regulations.

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MTCTE Framework

Essential Requirements

TEC created a minimum set of test requirements for each category of telecom equipment in a document called ‘Essential Requirements’ (also known as ER). The ERs span from EMC/EMI, Electrical/Radio/Laser Safety, Security, Radio Frequency (RF), Technical (Telecom Interface & functional) to IP protocol compliance as per notified international standards. 

Conformity Assessment

TEC is in the process of designating authorized laboratories, called Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), which have the authority to test the telecom products as per ER and submit test reports to TEC for evaluation and issue of certification. 

MTCTE Online Portal

An online portal was launched by TEC in July 2019 for MTCTE application filing, fee payment, and certification tracking.. 

The applicant for certification must be an Indian company registered with the Registrar of Companies. It can be Indian OEM and in case of Foreign OEM, it must be the Importer / Trader / Authorized Local Representative. The validity of the certification granted to the applicant will be five years

List of Products Covered Under MTCTE

  1. Wire Telephone Equipment
  2. G3 Fax Machine 
  3. ISDN Customer Premises Equipment 
  4. Modem
  5. Private Automatic Branch Exchange 
  6. Cordless Telephone
  1. GPON Equipment 
  2. Feedback Device 
  3. Transmission Terminal Equipment 
  1. Base Station for Cellular Network 
  2. Compact Cellular Network 
  3. Conferencing and Presentation Equipment 
  4. Conferencing Equipment 
  5. DSL Equipment 
  6. End Point Device for Environmental Monitoring 
  7. Equipment Operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Band 
  8. HF Radio 
  9. IoT Gateway 
  10. IP Terminal 
  1. LAN Switch 
  2. Media Converter 
  3. Media Gateway 
  4. Mobile Handset 
  5. Mobile Radio Trunking System
  6. Point of Sale Devices 
  7. PTP PMP Microwave Fixed Radio Systems 
  8. Repeater for Cellular Network 
  9. Router 
  10. Satellite Communication Equipment  
  1. Session Border Controller 
  2. Signalling Gateway 
  3. Smart Camera 
  4. Smart Electricity Meter 
  5. Smart Watch 
  6. Soft Switch
  7. Tracking Device 
  8. VHF UHF Radio System Equipment’s  

Vincular Services

VINCULAR works as your extended team to address the regulatory compliance requirements for your telecom product categories to help enable your business in India 

  • Regulatory requirements
  • MTCTE applicability 
  • End to end Certification process 
Local Representation Service
  • Foreign OEMs/Manufacturers 
End To End Project Management
  • Technical support in creating family/series (product grouping) based on TEC guidelines
  • Application package preparation, online and offline submission at RTEC
  • Guidance on technical requirements & test setup as per Essential requirements
  • Testing at authorized laboratories 
  • Supporting manufacturers in handling application related queries from TEC