The Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) Wing of the Ministry of Communications is a part of Department of Telecommunication (DoT) which is responsible for Frequency Spectrum Management, including licensing and serves to the needs of all wireless users in the country. It exercises the statutory functions of the Central Government and issues licenses to establish, maintain and operate wireless stations.

All the wireless products which work in license free band requires certification from Wireless planning and Coordination wing(WPC) in order to deploy the product in India. They shall be constructed in such a manner that the bandwidth, emission, power and other parameter shall confirm to the limits specified through various notifications in this regard.

WPC comes under the Department of Telecommunication, Govt. of India and has five Regional Licensing Offices at Delhi (RLO-North), Mumbai (RLO-West), Chennai (RLO-South), Kolkata (RLO-East) & Guwahati (RLO-North East) with headquarters at New Delhi.


Type Approval

Type Approval is required to all the wireless equipment operating in a de-licensed band, which meets technical requirements of WPC.  Each low power wireless device must be registered with the WPC, Department of Telecommunications by the means of Equipment Type Approval. The approval is secured based on RF characteristics as reported in the test reports from accredited test labs. 

The products working in delicensed frequency band which fall under the restricted category of EXIM Policy will require Equipment Type Approval (ETA) .
The products falling under the ‘Free to import’ category will require Equipment Type Approval through self-declaration (ETA-SD) process. 

Import Permission

An Import permission is an undertaking generated through online through the Saral Sanchar portal on per consignment basis. The importer details along with the shipment details of the products are required to be uploaded in the portal to generate the permission. 
For the products covered under self-declaration category and already having ETA will require a manual undertaking with the importer and shipment details mentioned in it.

Experimental License

It is issued by WPC for research and development, design and testing, training, servicing & maintenance of wireless apparatus. It is a license issued for a type of wireless equipment transmitting and/or receiving stations in the Experimental Service. It is taken mostly for the products which works in licensed frequency bands.

Process Flow

Delicensed Bands in India

Local Representative Service (AIR)

The applicant (Authorized Indian Representative) is the legal representative of wireless product model imported in India. The entity legally responsible for all technical & other information mentioned in the application and faces the risk of prosecution under law in the event of wrong declaration or misrepresentation of facts. There was no explicit provision for such liability in the earlier ETA process. 
Vincular having a technical expertise in the field of wireless approvals can act as an authorized representative and can support the applicants in getting the ETA-SD approval.