Saral Sanchar – A one-stop digital solution by DOT

In the era of digitization where various steps are being taken to improve Ease of doing business, DoT has provided a one stop solution for the issuance of the various license and registration certificates i.e. the “SARAL SANCHAR” a Web based Portal. This digitalized process made it more efficient and transparent in all respect by providing a hassle-free and paperless platform for the applicants – thus providing a boost to the ease of doing business. 

Saral Sanchar portal allows the applicant to form receipt of application for the services such as: 

  • Unified License: This is a license which allows telecommunication companies to offer any form of Telephone, broadband, Internet and other communication in India.   
  • OSP registrations: This registration allows a company in India that provides Application Services (like tele-banking, e-commerce, contact centre, BPO/KPO, network operation centre and other IT Enabled Services, etc) to its client in India or overseas, by making use of Telecom Resources from Authorised Telecom Service Providers. 
  • ETA-SD approval: The certificate for Equipment type-approval through self-declaration is issued for wireless products operating in De-licensed frequency bands. These certificates are a mandatory requirement for the purpose of sales and operations in India.   

The applicants need to get registered in the Saral Sanchar portal and file the application online in the prescribed format followed by uploading the requisite documents. The tracking of application can be done at each stage till the procurement of respective license/registration.  

This user-friendly portal also provides links for accessing various existing online activities such as Bharatkosh portal for online payments and MTCTE (TEC) of the Mandatory Testing requirements mandated by DoT.  
The Indian Telecommunications Sector has grown a lot in the last few years. These improvement and initiatives taken by the Government have played a very important role in the industry for remarkable growth.  

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