Legal Metrology is the application of legal requirements to measurements and measuring instruments. It is a division governed under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution in India and is a part of the Department of Consumer Affairs. This division came into force after The Legal Metrology Act of 2009 was notified on 31st Jan 2011 and implemented with effect from 1st April 2011. The objective of Legal Metrology is to ensure public guarantee from the point of view of security and accuracy of the weighments and measurements. Details can be found at

Major Stakeholders under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009

(applicable to domestic entities only)

Product categories under Legal Metrology (LM)

  1. Weight & Measurement Product (Model Approval under Section-22)
  2. All those products which involves in any kind of weights & measurements i.e. Weight Machine, BP Machine, Smart watch, body fat measuring machines, length measurement instruments, IR Thermometers, capacity measuring instruments, Fuel dispenser, Electronic scales & Tank Lorries etc. will require model approval from LM department. For the process of model approval, testing of particular product will takes place in any of the authorized RRSL lab and further test report will be submitted to the LM department. After fulfilling all the necessary requirements, the certificate of model approval will be released.

  3. Non-Weight Product (Packaged Commodities)
  4. Products covered under the packaged commodities rule 2011 are only those products which are available in the market in the pre-packaged form, the products which are not used for measurement i.e. food items, electronic gadgets, consumer durable such as TV, AC etc. as well as non-durable goods such as Cleaning Product, Cosmetics etc. The individual, firm or legal entity that brings goods from a foreign country to India will require an import license. To apply for the Import license, the importer entity will have to register under Rule 27 in Legal Metrology Dept. under Packaged Commodities Act.

  5. Import License under Section-19
  6. The individual, firm or legal entity that brings weights & measurements goods from a foreign country into the Indian customs territory will require an import license under section-19 from Legal Metrology Department.

  7. Dealership License under Section-23
  8. The dealership license is applicable to a person or company involved in the dealing, trading and marketing of weights and measures product. If the importer/manufacturer wants to act as the dealer of the equipment, then they must obtain the Dealer License additionally.

  9. Repairer's License
  10. A firm involved in performing repairing of weighing and measuring instruments, equipment and devices falling under the Legal Metrology act must obtain a repairer's license from the LM department. "Repairer'' means a person who repairs a weight or measure and includes a person who adjusts, cleans, lubricates or paints any weight or measure or renders any other service to such weight or measure to ensure that such weight or measure conforms to the standards established by or under the Act.

Validity period of licenses

The license of different weight or measuring products registered under legal metrology have different validity period. In order to continue the business, there is a provision of Renewal of existing license. On the other side, there is no validity period for Import License under packaged commodities; it will be valid for lifetime.

Renewal of Licences

Those who deals in the weights & measurement instruments are eligible to apply for the renewal of their licences before the validity period expires by submitting below mentioned forms:
Application for Renewal of Repairer’s Licence can be applied before 3 months of expiry in Form LR-2 with the applicable documents.
Application for Renewal of Dealership Licence can be applied before 3 months of expiry in Form LD-2 with the applicable documents.
Application for Renewal of Manufacturer Licence can be applied before 3 months of expiry in Form LM-2 with the applicable documents.

Amendment in Licences

The applicant can also apply for the amendment, in case of any changes in the existing licence of manufacturer/repairer/dealer with reference to change in constitution, business premise, item of manufacture/repair/sale etc.

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