IT And Telecom Equipment - Security

Lawful Interception IT & Telecom equipment
a. The interface shall comply to Section C of chapter 3 of TEC GR no. GR/LIS-03 for legal interception
b. The Interconnects are protected across multiple links and protected against Link (fiber), Port and line card failures. The protection response time (sub-50 ms, sub-1 second, sub-10 seconds, etc) and comprehensiveness (link failure protection and/or node protection) need to be agreed between the network.
c. Network separation methods such as Firewalls (Static packet filtering, state full Inspection or dynamic packet filtering firewalls, application-level firewalls), Virtual Routers (sub-netting) shall be supported. In addition, functionalities related to filtering, integrity and privacy as mentioned in TEC GR on Firewall (GR/FWS-01) shall be provided.
d. Interface shall support encryption on DTMF delivered by RFC2833.
e. Suitable method such as state full failover shall be supported to eliminate session loss.

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