Enfolding the new normal in VINCULAR

What if it was known to us five months ago that the world was going to change and we would be in lockdown, quarantined away from the crowd in our homes, with our minds overwhelmed with panic and fear. 

A fear of virus ushering the world to an unprecedented halt, a virus causing a pandemic out of nowhere. (Let’s not talk about the theories that followed by!) Initially getting hiccups with the idea of bedroom needing to become offices, kids and pets crashing over virtual meetings, it did not seem peaceful. 

 However, in a matter of few weeks, since it all kicked off, people overcame the hostile situation to start a ‘new normal’ life, yet once again. But what about the companies who have seen their world of work turning upside down? When in the blink of an eye, it went from meeting new expectations every day to relentlessly focusing on what’s in hand.  

 Here is to gain more insight how the VINCULAR is managing in covid-19 outbreak. 


Nothing much has changed except the complete dependency over Admin Team and attending virtual meetings in semi formals. The former being the focal point where Admin Team stands out as the bigwig of the company. Due to lockdown, the on-field work got trickier which demands regular supervision by the Admin Team. Despite all the chaos, they manage tasks on ground by making the samples available from the client as well as arranging sample return from the Testing Labs. A substantial amount of work is relied on their shoulder like visiting the client, documentation signing and maintaining courier sheets. They are ceaselessly managing the issues with custom clearance along with preparing the labels, printing and getting the document notarized.  


From the outset of the day, the employees are tirelessly spending their day on virtual calls and meetings to seek regular updates. Employees also having weekly calls with their respective client pertaining to the running projects. Also, to accommodate the needs around the company, new interns are hired who are given systematic training by Management and HR. We, the employees at Vincular make sure that any notification from the regulatory bodies should be updated to the clients timely without any delay. The digital marketing and business development teams are refurbishing the connection on all the social media platforms and keeping the work alive. 

These are the challenging times, but to get through it, it’s crucial that the organization and employees embrace the positivity and explore fully what can be achieved in this difficult time. Furthermore, working from home, staying productive and empowering employees are the top-notch priorities of VINCULAR at the moment.

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